Disc Golf Course

Give us a call (336) 591-4653 and come out and enjoy our disc golf course.

Give us a call (336) 591-4653 and come out and enjoy our disc golf course.

Disc golf hole

Please be sure to call ahead to check availability or book a tee time.

Disc golf is similar to regular golf, however instead of using golf clubs and balls, the players use frisbees. Players score when the frisbee settles within a chain basket that is attached to a pole extending up from the ground. Similar to "stick" golf, the object of the game is to complete each hole with the fewest numbers of throws, starting from a tee area and finishing at the basket.

The baskets are set on the sides of the fairways, so they do not interfere with regular golf play.

Disc golf is played at a faster pace than regular golf, so players will not be running into each other on a frequent basis.

Disc golfers wear athletic shoes and use frisbees, they will not interfere or damage the course in any way.

Traditional golfers have the right of way and will be welcomed to play through, should disc golfers be on that course during the same time. The disc golfers are excited to partner with us and share our facility, and Stonewall Golf Course is thrilled to collaborate in hosting traditional and disc golf at our facility.

See What Everyone is Talking About

Five star rating

"I played this as the new disc golf course. Simply put, this is the best disc golf course I have ever played, out of 70 or so North Carolina courses. I have played some beautiful courses, and this one tops them all. The staff, especially Frank, was instrumental in my decision to come up from Charlotte, to play. He painted a picture of a very special, very unique course, with few equals. And he was 100% right. The cost was what I consider a true bargain, less than $20, including a golf cart. The course was very well kept. I will return here to play again, as often as possible...it's that good! Take a day, go play this course, you'll love it. Brand new top-notch baskets have been placed on the course as of July 1st. The entire course is looking fantastic. This course does nothing but improve." - Mark Manchette | July 2017

Five star rating

"Love traveling there for disc golf. Its a very challenging course that plays along the ball golf course. The elevation changes are extremely challenging, especially considering the distances. The staff has always been friendly and the facility is kept really clean. I really appreciate that they have allowed disc golfing there and am always negotiating with the family on getting a day to travel and play up there. (I drive from Chapel Hill)" - Brad Anderson | April 2017

Five star rating

"Great disc golf course! Friendly local staff that's always willing to help answer any questions." - Billy Gibson | July 2017

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