About the Course

Hole Par Blue
1 4 300 280 218 8
2 4 392 369 307 2
3 3 159 148 126 10
4 4 296 286 257 6
5 4 286 265 225 12
6 3 115 100 86 14
7 5 418 405 361 4
8 3 85 80 75 16
9 4 237 206 178 18
Out 34 2288 2139 1833  
10 4 315 291 261 9
11 4 324 309 282 3
12 4 326 293 201 13
13 3 183 171 147 11
14 4 386 359 280 5
15 5 523 515 447 1
16 4 258 146 231 17
17 5 466 451 350 7
18 3 153 116 106 15
In 36 2934 2751 2305  
TOTAL 70 5222 4890 4138  

Stonewall Golf Course is a par 70, 18-hole layout in the Stokes County community of Germanton. It is located in the foothills of the 700 million year old Sauratown Mountain Range that includes Pilot Mountain and Hanging Rock state parks.

The hilly terrain and streams throughout Stonewall force a thoughtful approach to the game for anyone who wants a successful day at golf. Town Fork Creek, itself a major tributary of the Dan River, is a major water hazard that provides ample opportunities for soaring scores as well as tranquil and scenic beauty.

Words of advice: Don't be fooled into believing you can bully this little beauty into submission. Wise use of your driver and three wood will serve you well.

Stonewall shows you what you're up against immediately as you drive your cart to the first tee box. The fairway of this 300-yard, par 4 doozy drops off precipitously on the right with a green resting atop a steep hill. It's easily reachable after a good tee shot.

Once you're over the surprise that the golf cart actually made it up the grade, the second hole offers some relief. It is a downhill par 4 measuring 392 yards. Hills on both sides of the fairway show the way. A good approach shot over a small pond could yield a birdie.

After a 159-yard par three hole comes another interesting par 4 of 296 yards. The temptation is to straighten this downhill, dogleg by clearing trees on the left. The smart play is to take what it gives you - 200 yards or so down the fairway and then up to the green from 100 yards or less.

On the way to the fifth hole take time to admire the creek that runs along the left and behind the green and don't forget to look back down the hill before reaching the next tee box to enjoy the natural grandeur spreading out below.

Temptation rears its ugly head on No. 5, a diabolical downhill par 4 of 286 yards. Eschew the driver. Lay up, get your par and head to the next -- a par 3 of 132 yards with a long, narrow green.

No. 7 is an interesting par 5 of only 418 yards. It's 90 degree fairway calls for an iron off the tee, a fairway wood second shot and then a short iron to an elevated green.

The eight hole is where you learn that Stonewall Golf Course was not named in honor of Confederate General Thomas Johnathan Jackson, the hero of the first battle of Bull Run in Virginia, who became more popularly know as Stonewall based on his brigade's gallant action in that first major battle of the Civil War. It's and 85-yard hole that drops some 75 yards in elevation to a generous heart-shaped green. On the green looking back toward the tee you see the natural outcropping of rocks that create the look of a stonewall.

No.9 is a 237-yard, par 4. What the heck, go for it.

Once past holes 10 and 11, both of which call for lay up tee shots, the back nine takes on a different character from the rest of the course. Watch out for the creek on No 11. No. 12 is 326 yards and begins with an elevated tee and welcomes a driver to deliver a shot across the lake. If you avoided the barn on the left of the fairway and the creek on the right, you should have a good shot to the green.

No. 13 is a straightaway 183 yard par 3 over a creek, to a very large green. The elevated tee on No. 14 gives a breathtaking view of the par 4 dogleg  left, with a large landing area to plan your approach shot over the creek. But do not get to aggressive because there is a creek in backside of the green also.

The first of two par 5's on the back is next. It is a 523-yard, dogleg left hole with a generous fairway. No. 16 is a 258-yard dogleg right that tempts a go for the green. No 17 is the final par 5 on the course that separates the men from the boys. It's uphill off the tee reaching a large plateau on top and if your lucky you might get a look at the green down to the left. The green can be made in two shots for a possible eagle, but it's risky, GOOD LUCK.

The round ends with a par 3 that is 153 yards uphill. The elevation change from tee to green is about 75 yards.


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